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I did not analyze the data in the previous section because it’s all clear even for an inexperienced user who does not know much about air coolers. The new spherical cooler is not meant for overclocking and delivers average performance. Yet it is also clear that the Cooler Master Sphere is going to cope with any modern CPU working in its default mode. Enthusiasts who are into overclocking and want to have a product from Cooler Master should instead buy the twice cheaper Hyper TX (I added it into the tests so that overclockers wouldn’t criticize Cooler Master too much – I personally respect this firm).

The Sphere can be viewed from a different aspect, however. It is a very original thing. It is going to amaze your friends with its appearance and please your young ones with its fascinating blue highlighting. Choosing from among a Thermalright SI-128, XIGMATEK HDT-S1283 and Cooler Master Sphere standing next to each other on the table my young daughter would always go for the latter one, for example. So, if you’ve got a transparent system case (or a case with a transparent side panel), if you are not that much into overclocking, if the noise from your PC is always drowned in the crying of your toddler, and if you are ready to part with $50, the Cooler Master Sphere can be your choice. To everyone else I recommend to wait for our next report on air coolers. There will be something to choose from in it.

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