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Design and Functionality

The Cooler Master TPC 812 looks like a regular tower-design CPU cooler.



The nickel-plated arrangement of aluminum fins, heat pipes, vapor chambers and 120mm fan fits into 138 millimeters of width, 103 millimeters of depth and 163 millimeters of height.

The heatsink consists of 44 aluminum fins, 0.5 millimeters thick, which are press-fitted onto the heat pipes and vapor chambers. The fins are 2 millimeters apart from each other.


Here is a picture of the cooler that shows each of its components.

The key components are of course the vapor chambers whose ends can be seen at the top of the cooler next to the ends of the heat pipes.


Basically, a vapor chamber operates just like a heat pipe: when heated, the liquid inside it evaporates and goes up to cool. It then returns back to the bottom along the sides, being cooled by the heatsink fins and the air flow from the fan.

Compared to heat pipes, a vapor chamber has a larger area of contact and a higher speed of heat transfer, so it is supposed to distribute the heat in the heatsink fins more efficiently. However, in the TPC 812 design, the vapor chamber only serves the top part of the heat pipes, being located right above them.

Thus, the six 6mm heat pipes still have to cope with the bulk of thermal load, the vapor chamber providing just a little help rather than totally offloading the pipes.

The heat pipes pierce the heatsink in a tessellated pattern, reminding us of the famous Thermalright coolers.

The nickel-plated copper base isn’t finished very well:

On the other hand, it is perfectly flat and we’ve got normal thermal grease imprints with our CPU that has a convex heat-spreader.


The Cooler Master TPC 812 is equipped with one 120mm 7-blade fan.

It is the well-known XtraFlo model, which uniquely curved blades are supposed to ensure an extra high air flow, according to Cooler Master. The speed of the fan is PWM-regulated within a range of 600 to 2400 RPM but the included resistor cable can limit the top speed to 1600 RPM.

The fan runs on a sleeve bearing with a service life of 40,000 hours (or 4.6 years) of continuous operation. Its peak power consumption is 4.44 watts at 0.37 amperes.

The fan is secured on the heatsink by means of two plastic holders that are fastened to its frame with self-tipping screws.

They have soft rubber pads that reduce vibrations and noise. Besides, there are two more plastic holders with screws and rubber pads in the box in case you want to attach a second fan to your TPC 812.

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