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Performance Tests

Cooling Efficiency

You can see the results of our tests in the following table and diagram:

Working with its default fan, the Cooler Master TPC 812 cannot compete with the cheaper Thermalright TRUE Spirit 140 and lags behind it in all of our test modes. For example, at 800 RPM these coolers differ by 10°C in terms of the peak temperature of the hottest CPU core. The gap grows to 11°C at 1000 RPM, which is a huge advantage in favor of the TRUE Spirit 140 that can affect overclocking results and system stability. The new Cooler Master TPC 812 can only match the TRUE Spirit 140 at twice that speed, i.e. at 1600 RPM. At the maximum speed of 2250 RPM the TPC 812 is 3°C better than its opponent whose fan works at 800 RPM. Of course, the difference in noise is huge in that case. When both coolers run their fans at the maximum speed, the Cooler Master TPC 812 is 4°C worse than the Thermalright TRUE Spirit 140.

Besides that, we can note the linear correlation of the TPC 812’s performance on its fan speed throughout the entire speed range. As the fan accelerates from 800 to 2250 RPM, the CPU temperature drops by 13°C. So, we suppose that the TPC 812 might be more efficient if it worked with two fans, one for intake and another for exhaust. However, it is only at low speeds that we can see substantial benefits: 5°C at 800 and 1000 RPM, 4°C at 1200 RPM, and 3°C at 1400 RPM. There are no benefits at higher speeds. It’s easy to note that even with two fans the Cooler Master TPC 812 is inferior to the Thermalright TRUE Spirit, even though the gap is smaller than with one fan only. Alas, the vapor chamber technology doesn’t save the day for the new cooler.

You can compare it with those we tested previously in the following table and diagram. Each cooler was tested in its default configuration in the quiet mode and at the maximum speed of the fan(s) with the CPU overclocked to 4.375 MHz at a voltage of 1.385 volts.

* - The peak temperature of the hottest CPU core is posted on the diagram taking
into account the difference from the current ambient temperature and is reduced to 25°C.

At a speed of 800 RPM the Cooler Master TPC 812 is at the bottom of the diagram, which might be expected considering its design with a dense heatsink pierced not only with six heat pipes but also with a vapor chamber. When the fan works at its maximum speed, the TPC 812 takes 15th place out of 33, right between the dual-heatsink Deepcool Assassin and Titan Fenrir Siberia, but losing to both in terms of noise level. That's just an average result.

The Cooler Master TPC 812 was unable to cope with our CPU at higher settings than 4.375 GHz and 1.385 volts, so here is our summary table with the best overclocking results:

So, the Cooler Master TPC 812 takes one of the bottom places and produces a lot of noise.

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