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Noise Level

We measured the noise level of our coolers throughout the entire speed range of their fans. Here are the results:

As you can see, the Cooler Master TPC 812 is quite good in terms of noisiness. It performs exactly like the Thermalright TY-140 in the speed range of 950 to 1200 RPM, and the latter is one of the quietest fans available (if it’s not a defective sample). When the speed is higher, the noise level of the Cooler Master TPC 812 increases linearly, without sudden fluctuations, vibrations or something.

So, the TPC 812 is okay in this test. It would be perfect it we didn’t hear barely audible beatings of the impeller at speeds up to 850-880 RPM. That’s not a big problem, though.


Despite the vapor chamber combined with heat pipes, the Cooler Master TPC 812 couldn’t demonstrate any record-breaking results. It even turned out to be inferior to a cheaper cooler in our tests. The TPC 812 is average in performance, but we know that an air cooler priced at $70 must be far more efficient. We guess a version of the TPC 812 with two 120mm fans PWM-regulated from 800 to 2000 RPM and priced at $45 would be competitive, but Cooler Master will hardly release such a product.

Anyway, we want to praise the developer for trying to implement the vapor chamber design in a modern cooler, even though the attempt isn't quite successful. Besides that, the Cooler Master TPC 812 can be commended for its broad compatibility, reliable fastening mechanism, easy installation, and high-quality fan.

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