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I have to say honestly, that I was a little bit disappointed with Cooler Master V10 performance today compared against two other super-coolers. In fact, the newcomer’s performance was very good, but I personally was expecting a more convincing victory over the competitors. Otherwise, I simply cannot justify the high price of this new solution, its extreme weight and size as well as very complex design using 10 heatpipes, three heatsinks, two fans and thermo-electrical module. Yes, I remember that there is also new ThermalFusion 400 thermal interface and hope that the new cooler will do better on a new Core i7 platform, which we are going to check out in one of our upcoming articles. So stay tuned for the next series of tests!

P.S. for Cooler Master: It would be extremely interesting to see how well the cooler performs without the TEC modules between the heatpipes coming out of the cooler base and the heatpipes piercing the external vertical heatsink. Removing the Peltier module will allow not only lowering the production cost, but also adding another dozen of plates to the vertical heatsink array. What if the TEC module is not necessary at all?

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