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Design and Functionality

Even a quick look at the new V10 cooler gives you to understand that there hasn’t been anything like that in the cooling solutions market before. See for yourselves:

The cooler is pretty big. It is not really tall, but long. Cooler Master V10 measures 236.5 x 129.6 x 161.3 mm and weighs 1200 g.

Nipping on ahead, I’d like to say that far not all the system case will be big enough to accommodate this cooler, however, we are going to go into details regarding this problem a little later in our review. And now let’s proceed with the cooler design.

The top and sides of the cooling system are hidden beneath a plastic casing with a mesh section over the horizontal fan and the manufacturer logo above the two vertical heatsinks and a fan:

There is no casing in the way of the airflow:


If you turn the cooler, you will see that there are three aluminum heatsinks in it:

Now let’s take off the casing and fans:

We see three aluminum heatsinks of different size and shape. The only things they have in common are 124 mm depth, 1.8 mm spacing between the heatsink plates and 0.4 mm plate thickness. The horizontal heatsink is 20 mm wide, trapezoid-shaped and consists of 56 plates. Its calculated effective surface is 2509cm2.

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