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The next heatsink is a vertical one that is 35 mm wide and is made of 38 aluminum plates. Its effective surface size is 3298 cm2.


Finally, the third heatsink is the biggest (45 mm) and consists of 39 plates plus 5 short plates sitting on two heatpipes at the top. Its calculated effective cooling surface is 4762 cm2. So, Cooler Master V10 features a total effective surface of 10569 cm2. For the sake of comparison let me remind you that the gigantic Scythe Orochi has a smaller heatsink with only 8702 cm2 surface area.

The heatpipes structure of this cooler is a little more complex and difficult to follow. There is a total of ten heatpipes, each 6 mm in diameter and covered with nickel alloy. Six heatpipes out of ten go through the cooler base. Four of them pierce the horizontal heatsink, and the other two enter the first vertical heatsink in front of the fan:


Then, four heatpipes out of six that go through the base of the cooler come out on the other side and contact a 1.5 mm nickel-covered plate:

There is a thermo-electrical module (Peltier module) installed on this particular plate. It transfers the heat to the remaining four heatpipes that go through the second vertical heatsink.

So, according to Cooler Master V10 developers, this TEC module should work as a “pump” accelerating heat transfer from the heatpipes to the most efficiently cooled heatsink. It is a very interesting concept, however, we need to find an exact same cooler but without the Peltier module in order to find out how efficient it actually is. Namely, we need a cooler where these four heatpipes would go straight into the heatsink instead of the TEC module. By the way, we didn’t notice any thermo-electrical module on the very first pictures of Cooler master V10 that appeared in the media over a year ago.

Now I have to say a few words about this particular thermo-electrical module. There is a small plastic box installed directly above the heatpipes that manages TEC module operation and also serves as a stand for the vertical fan:

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