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There are a simple PCB and a thermal diode inside:

The thermal diode is pressed against the last heatpipe, which is, in fact, pretty strange, because central heatpipes warm up more than the ones on the sides. The Peltier module rated power varies depending on the CPU temperature and, therefore, heatpipe temperature. According to the specification, it may reach 70 W under maximum load.

The heatpipes and copper base are all nickel-plated. The base is very nicely finished and is perfectly even:

The heatpipes are soldered to the cooler base, which is the most efficient solution for the fastest heat transfer.

There are two 120 x 120 x 25 mm fans screwed on to the plastic casing: one vertically and another one perpendicular to the first one – horizontally:

The casing itself locks to the sides of the horizontal heatsink and is then fastened with two screws at the top. The fans look really nice: nine sickle-shaped semi-transparent blades look very attractive with red LED lighting.

The fans are connected with one four-pin cable and are controlled using pulse-width modulation method (PWM). Their rotation speed changes from 800 to 2400 RPM creating maximum airflow of 2 x 90 CFM and generating 17 dBA of noise. The static pressure I this case is 2 x 2.94 mmH2O. I believe that the noise spec is valid for the minimal fan rotation speed. As for the level of generated noise at maximum fan rotation speed, the manufacturer keeps quiet about it.

The fans use Rifle bearings.

The manufacturer claims that these bearings will last 40,000 hours or over 4.5 years of non-stop operation. Each fan consumes no more than 4.5 W at maximum rotation speed.

The next chapter of our review will dwell on the installation peculiarities and issues that you will most likely come across with your Cooler Master V10.

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