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Thermaltake Jing (CLP0574)

Thermaltake’s cooler is called Jing which is the Chinese for silence. The Jing is designed to be quiet.

Following Thermaltake’s easily recognizable style, the cardboard box is black at the top and bottom and has whitish sides with an orange logo of the manufacturer.

There is a picture of the Jing itself on the face side of the box. Product related information can be found on the other sides.


The cooler is tightly fitted between two pieces of foam material inside the box. A smaller box with accessories lies on top of it. The accessories to the Jing are identical to those of the recently tested Thermaltake FrioOCK, so I won’t discuss them here. The Jing is manufactured in China and costs about $60.

So, it is a tower-design cooler that measures 162x131x123 millimeters. Its weight is specified to be 920 grams but my sample weighs 954 grams (the heatsink alone is 643 grams).



The Jing has five nickel-plated copper heat pipes that go through its copper base. It also has aluminum fins, two frameless fans, and a decorative plastic cap above the heatsink.



The colorful exterior details make the Jing quite a curious thing to look at.

I took all the plastic off to take a look at its heatsink:


The Jing’s heatsink consists of 41 aluminum fins, 0.5 millimeters thick and 2.1 millimeters apart. The heatsink measures 126(121) ? 65(55) ? 112 millimeters. Its total area is only 6000 sq. centimeters but the Jing is not meant to set new overclocking records. Its purpose is to cool CPUs quietly.

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