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Cooling Efficiency Tests

The test results of the coolers can be viewed in the table as well as in the diagram below.

The two coolers we are interested in can barely cope with the six-core CPU overclocked to 4.3 GHz at the minimum speed of their fans. I guess the CPU would be unstable or enable frequency throttling during a longer test. At the maximum speed of its default fans, i.e. at 1330 RPM, the Thermaltake Jing lowers the peak temperature of the hottest CPU core by 9°C. The Cooler Master V6GT is more efficient, though. It outperforms the Jing at 1000 RPM and enjoys a 4°C advantage over its opponent at 1200 RPM. The CPU temperature lowered a little more as I switched to the higher speed of the V6GT's default fans.

Replacing the coolers’ default fans with Thermalright’s TR-FDB helped make them more effective at low speeds. The Jing becomes 3°C better at 800 RPM than with its default fans, but there is no difference at 1330 RPM. Then, by increasing the speed of the TR-FDB pair to 1600 and 2050 RPM I additionally improved the performance of the Jing in steps of 3°C. The Cooler Master V6GT performs even better with the alternative fans. Its result improves by 5°C at 800 RPM and by 2°C at 1000 RPM than with its default fans. This is due to the V6GT's having a denser heatsink than the Jing. The difference from the default fans shrinks at higher speeds, though. The V6GT is 4 to 7°C more effective than the Jing with the alternative fans.

These two coolers can only compete with the Thermalright Archon if they have the maximum speed of the fans and the Archon’s pair of TY-140 fans work at 800 RPM only. The best air cooler enjoys a large advantage in terms of performance and noisiness, justifying the difference in price.

I could not overclock my CPU above 4.3 GHz with the Thermaltake Jing. The Cooler Master V6GT could make the CPU stable at 4.43 GHz with a voltage of 1.45 volts. The cooler worked at the maximum fan speed and the CPU was as hot as 90°C at that.

Cooler Master V6GT (2130 RPM x2)

Thermalright Archon (1290 RPM x2)

The Archon with two TY-140 fans working at 1290 RPM cools the CPU better by 8°C under the same conditions.

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