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Acoustic Performance

The following diagram shows how much noise the coolers produce:

I can add that the three coolers seem to produce about the same amount of noise subjectively. Their fans have similar speeds at the comfortable and noiseless levels. It's not often that air coolers prove to be so similar in this test. I think the Thermaltake Jing is somewhat quieter than the other three, the speed being the same, but the difference is tiny. None of the fans was rattling, hissing, vibrating or anything, despite the plastic fastening mechanisms employed in both products.


As I have made sure in today’s tests, two fans (one for intake and another for exhaust) can indeed transform a simple (if not downright primitive) heatsink into a good cooler capable of coping with an overclocked six-core CPU at high load. The Thermaltake Jing is an excellent example. It is a medium-sized heatsink with five heat pipes and two 120mm frameless fans and it made my CPU stable at 4.2 GHz frequency at a fan speed of only 800 RPM. On the other hand, its recommended price of $59.99 seems rather too high to me. It is going to be hard for this product to compete with others.

Cooler Master’s V6GT is supposed to cost $10 more than the Jing but their current retail prices are similar. Delivering higher performance than the Jing at the same speed of the fans, the V6GT allows improving its performance further by increasing the speed up to 2200 RPM. Although more appealing than the Jing, it is not free from downsides. Its highlight controller has limited functionality (it might control the speed of the fans, for example) and its default XtraFlo fans do not allow the heatsink to show its best. Hopefully, Cooler Master will find better 120mm fans for the V6GT.

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