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Design and Functionality

At first glance the cooler impresses with its extraordinary looks. Even experienced overclockers will be taken away by sophisticatedly twisted heatpipes and four aluminum heatsink arrays:

The device measures 120 x 128 x 161.1mm and weighs 865g. These parameters are comparable with the best air coolers out there. Cooler Master V8 is based on 8 copper heatpipes 6mm in diameter holding four aluminum heatsink arrays:

At first glance it is very hard to figure out what heatpipe goes where from the base of the cooler, so, let’s take a closer look at the cooler step by step:

Two heatpipes go through the center of the cooler base plate and then enter the middle of two main heatsink sections. They pierce the total of 116 (2 x 58) aluminum plates:

The copper base plate is the thinnest beneath the two central heatpipes: it measures 3mm. If we keep moving away from the center of the base towards the sides, the next pair of heatpipes leads to the lower part of two additional heatsinks sitting behind the main ones with the plates positioned perpendicularly. These two “attached” sections consist of 38 plates each. The plates positioned perpendicularly to those of the main heatsink arrays will definitely create additional resistance to the fan airflow. The copper base plate beneath these two heatpipes measures 4.5mm.

 The next pair of heatpipes closer to the sides also leads to the additional heatsinks. However, they pierce their top part, not bottom:

The copper base plate beneath these two heatpipes measures 8mm.

The remaining two heatpipes are not even in the base of the cooler anymore, but on a small shelf for the retention (see picture above). They enter the sides of the min heatsinks piercing 48 plates on each side:

Let’s sum up everything we know about the heatsink. Cooler Master V8 consists of 8 heatpipes, two main heatsink arrays (48+10 aluminum plates in each) and two additional arrays (38 plates in each). Pretty massive solution, isn’t it? Here I would like to add that the plates are spaced out equally at 2mm in all parts of the heatsink, and are 0.25~0.3mm thick.

Even if I forgot to mention something about the design of the new Cooler Master V8, the photo below should help better understand the way heatpipes are positioned:

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