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The internal sides of two main heatsink arrays are slightly concaved:

It may have been done to reduce the airflow resistance, which increases significantly once the airflow leaves the main heatsink array. The minimal distance between the arrays is 27mm, so no alterative fans 32mm or 38mm deep will fit in there, unless you are going to bend the heatpipes and push the heatsink arrays farther away yourself.

There is a fan that goes right between the additional heatsink arrays. The fan is then covered with a plastic top:

The top is attached with four thumb screws and bears the manufacturer’s logo and the fan model name.

The fan attaches to the top with four plastic clips, so it is very simple to replace the fan with a new one if it breaks or if you find something more efficient. Cooler Master V8 uses Cooler Master R4-C2R-20AC-GP fan, just like Cooler Master Hyper 212 and GeminII S coolers as well as Cosmos cases. It measures 120 x 120 x 25mm and has 9 blades:


What is the fan rotation speed? According to the specifications, it is PWM controlled in the ~800~1800RPM range. However, as far as I understood, the maximum value may be set manually using the rotation speed controller that may be installed on the case rear panel using the bundled bracket:

In this case the noise level should be higher than ~17dBA, which is hardly true in reality. The claimed fan MTBF is 40,000 hours (slide bearing). At maximum rotation speed the fan creates 2.94 mmH2O air pressure at 69.69CFM airflow.

There are two red LEDs in the upper part of the fan:

However, when the fan is working, you can barely see the LEDs through the slits in the plastic top cover.

The cooler base is finished pretty decently. Though there are visible machine marks on it, you don’t really feel them to the touch.

If you are fond of mirror-shining base surfaces, then you will have to work on it yourself. But the base is very even, so no effort needs to be applied here:

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