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Package and Accessories

The new Coolink cooler is packed into a large box with the Corator DS image on the front:

The sides of the box are also not empty and allow the potential owner to learn everything about the peculiarities of the cooler inside even without opening the box:


There are flat boxes at the top and bottom of the package. One of them contains the bundled accessories. Corator DS cooler sits in two half-boxes that hold it securely at the top and bottom protecting against possible transportation damages.

Here are the accessories included with the cooler:

As you may have noticed the retention parts as well as the manual design are identical to those that come with Noctua NH-D14 cooler. Yes, Coolink decided not to invent anything here, but simply ordered SecuFirm 2 retention kits from Noctua and added their Coolink Chillaramic thermal compound to it. Well, it is true: if you can’t design anything better then make the same one or use the existing solution.

Coolink Corator DS is made in Taiwan and is priced at $59.90 MSRP. It comes with 60 months warranty.

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