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Design and Functionality

CoolIT ECO A.L.C. liquid-cooling system consists of two parts: radiator with a fan and a pump with a water block. They use hoses to connect them with one another:

The hoses are very rigid and even though one of the fittings on the pump can be rotated freely, it is very difficult to install this system with hoses rigid like that.

The effective “body” of the radiator made of aluminum measures only 18 mm:

The overall size of the radiator is 152x120x25 mm. It has classical design: a corrugated band with 1-1.5 mm spacing between the fins is soldered to 12 flattened heatpipes:

The system is filled with coolant also containing anti-corrosion additives and is sealed airtight. Nevertheless, there is an additional fitting on the radiator:

There is no mention of it anywhere in the manual, but it must be designed for adding more coolant into the system if necessary.

There is a seven-blade fan attached firmly to the radiator. It is black and measures 120x120x25 mm:

The fan impeller measures 110 mm in diameter and has a 48 mm rotor. It comes with a 295 mm long cable. The fan rotation speed is controlled using pulse-width modulation method. According to the official specifications, maximum fan rotation speed should be 1800 RPM, and the minimal speed is determined by the specific mainboard you use and may be 60% lower than the maximum speed. In our case the lowest fan speed was 770 RPM. The fan uses a ball bearing with unknown MTBF. The level of generated noise and static pressure also not specified. We also failed to determine who the original fan maker is.

Besides the removal of the control panel and a small LCD screen, there is one more essential modification made to CoolIT ECO A.L.C. Its pump has moved from the radiator panel onto the water block. Now the water block with retention and the pump are one solid unit, which reminds us of Corsair H50 liquid-cooling system:


Inside this unit measuring 92x55x51 mm sits a copper water block with micro-channel internal structure and a pump with a ceramic bearing inside. There is no mention of the pump performance, the bearing MTBF as well as the level of noise generated by the pump. Looks like CoolIT believes that these parameters are of no interest to us, and actually they are wrong. Mainstream users would probably be OK not knowing all this (except for the MTBF, of course), and we could really use some information here. The only thing CoolIT feels confident about disclosing is the pump power consumption, which according to the developers doesn’t exceed 1W.

The copper base of the water block measuring 52x52 mm has a pre-applied layer of CoolIT A.T.C. thermal compound:

There is no info anywhere on the official web-site about this thermal compound.

The surface of the water block is even and nicely finished:

We didn’t open up the water block in order not to disturb the leaktightness of the system so we can’t comment on the actual internal structure.

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