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Compatibility and Installation Tips

Almost all expensive liquid-cooling systems and many water blocks available today are universal, i.e. they are compatible with all contemporary platforms. CoolIT ECO A.L.C. is also not an exception and it can be easily installed onto AMD as well as Intel boards. In the former case you should use individual screw-on retention brackets included with the cooler, while in the latter case you use the retention with adjustable thumb-screws for all platforms:

It is very easy and convenient. Before installing the water block onto the processor, you have to stick an appropriate backplate to the back of the mainboard:

After that you should put the mainboard into the system case and fasten the radiator with the fan on the case back panel using four enclosed screws. There should be a proper spot left for it there:

It is best to have an assistant during the installation process, because one person cannot possibly hold the radiator and fan unit while tightening the retention screws and at the same time hold the sticking out water block with the pump, which threatens to scratch something on the mainboard due to the rigid hoses attached to it. After that, all you need to do is install the water block onto the processor and tighten the thumb-screws to the backplate:

If you have a second 120 mm fan and long retention screws for it, you can attach it to the radiator right away:

Then you plug the power cable into the free three-pin connector on the mainboard and the fan cable - into the four-pin one. And that’s all: CoolIT ECO A.L.C. installation into the system case is complete. The case side panel can be closed just fine, because nothing is in its way anymore, unlike the situation with CoolIT Domino.

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