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We have once again seen that the best air cooler is still more effective than a compact liquid-cooling system of comparable price. However, we can’t say that CoolIT ECO A.L.C. will not find its place in the market, because in the nominal mode of its PWM fan this cooling system can create good thermal conditions for seriously overclocked quad-core processors, even though it may be pretty loud under maximum load. Therefore, if you are one of those quiet lovers, we would strongly urge you to add a second fan to the radiator, so that you could have this system run in a very quiet mode without lowering the CPU frequency and core voltage. BY the way, we would also advise the manufacturer to bundle their ECO A.L.C. system with two fans, which would hardly affect the price of the cooler, but would definitely make the product much more appealing to overclockers.

We would like to specifically praise CoolIT ECO A.L.C. pump that consumes less than 1 W of power and works almost completely noiselessly. The latter happens extremely rarely in low-cost liquid-cooling systems, trust me. Other indisputable advantages of this solution are its universal design, compact size and easy installation. We were a little concerned about the rigid hoses that connect the water block and pump unit with the radiator. There have already been precedents when CoolIT hoses like that would rupture and coolant would flood the computer components inside the case. It must be one of the reasons why the CoolIT rep decided to twist and turn the system to demonstrate its reliability and sturdiness in the CoolIT ECO A.L.C. demo video. However, only proper testing with heat could actually be a credible reliability test.

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