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Last year we already tested a solution from CoolIT Systems called Freezone that combines the principles of air-cooling, liquid-cooling and thermo-electrical cooling in a single product. I would like to remind you that this unique cooling system didn’t really show any outstanding efficiency and was defeated by a good air cooler. Moreover, CoolIT Freezone cost quite a significant sum of money.

However, CoolIT engineers didn’t get discouraged, and not too long ago announced a new cooling solution: CoolIT PURE – a simpler and less expensive system that sells for half the price of Freezone.

Today we are going to talk about this new solution and will see how successful this next CoolIT’s attempt turned out to be.

Package and Accessories

The new CoolIT PURE cooler comes in a relatively small box with dominating black color in the design and a few CoolIT PURE photographs on the front and back of the box:


There you can also find the technical specifications and the list of supported platforms. Inside the cardboard box there is a foam plastic box with two sections. The larger section holds the main system block and the smaller additional section contains bundled accessories:

Despite the seemingly secure packaging the device arrived to us with minor damage, which I am going to talk about later in this article. Now let’s take a closer look at the bundled accessories:

The retention kits for each socket type, spindles, washers, screws, tightening wrench and wire clips for the main water block are sealed in individual plastic bags. There is also an installation manual. We do not know the recommended price of this cooling system, but you can find it in retail for $95.

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