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Deign and Functionality

CoolIT PURE system is a single unit that consists of a radiator with a fan, a pump and a water block connected to the radiator and pump with two flexible non-transparent braided pipes:

The top of the pump is covered with an aluminum plate, which seems to serve mostly decorative than practical purposes:

The pump sits on a metal stand that is screwed on to the radiator. The plastic frame with a fan is attached to the other side of the radiator:

There is not much info available about the pump. Its performance is 210l/h and claimed MTBF is 50,000 hours. It consumes maximum 8 (±0.5) W of power and should generated no more than 15dBA of noise. Unfortunately, we don’t know who makes these pumps and there is another important parameter missing: pump head.

There is a small board above the pump attached to the metal stand with a Molex connector and three more power supply connectors: first - for powering and monitoring the fan, second – for powering and monitoring the pump and third – for some unknown purposes with a two-pin cable leading to a small black box glued to the aluminum plate at the top:

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