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There are two more cables coming out of this component that close at the perimeter of the pale teal pad glued to the bottom of this plate:

It turned out to be the LED highlighting of the CoolIT logo on the front of the plate and not a thermal electrical module, as you may have thought at first.

The fine-finned radiator of the cooling system is made of aluminum. Despite the foam plastic package with individual sections, the corners of the water block bent a few radiator fins during transportation:

We fixed all the fins ourselves before the tests. I would also like to add that the expansion tank is combined with one of the radiator sides. I found no refill opening (looks like you may need to remove one of the pipes in this case). Unfortunately, the manufacturer doesn’t disclose the components of the cooling solution.

The radiator is cooled with a seven-blade 120 x 120 x 25mm fan made by NoiseBlocker Company:

The fan sucks air in through the radiator fin array and then ousts it outside the system case. According to the marking on the fan motor sticker, CoolIT PURE has a NoiseBlocker XL2 rev. 2.0 fan. Our monitoring readings showed that its rotation speed was automatically adjusting in the interval from ~1000RPM in idle mode up to ~2000RPM under peak CPU workload. The fan bearing is claimed to run without failure for 100,000 hours and generate maximum 27dBA of noise. By the way, these CoolIT specifications differ from the data on NoiseBlocker web-site, where they claim a maximum noise level of 21dBA.

The manufacturer reveals very little info about their water block. We know that it measures 50 x 50 x 24.1mm, is made of copper covered with a thin layer of nickel alloy, and has micro-channeled internal structure. The water block weighs 125g.

If you took a closer look at the water block on the photograph on the cooling system package and compared it with a photo above you will see that it is a completely different water block than the one on the box. Our unit is of different size and with different fittings location. I have to admit that it is a pretty interesting inconsistency. Did we get some early product revision for review or the image on the box is a photo of some prototype? Anyway, we didn’t have a choice, so we will test whatever we got. By the way, CoolIT PURE uses exactly the same water block as the one in CoolIT Freezone we have already tested before.

The base of the water block is covered with a 1-mm layer of thick white thermal compound:

To protect the thermal compound against smearing, the base is covered with a protective plastic cap. The surface of the nickel-plated base is impeccably even and boasts quality polished finish. So, you don’t need to do anything here.

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