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System Installation Tips

Since CoolIT PURE ships fully assembled and filled, all you actually need to do is install the processor water block and fit the system into the system case. To install the CPU water block you use the enclosed spindles, screws and washers for your specific type of socket. The water block is pressed against the CPU with two wire clips tightened with thumb-screws to the spindles. The installed water block looks as follows:

The water block is pressed very tightly against the processor heat-spreader. The slits and retention clips in the center of the block hold it so firmly that it wouldn’t slide even a little bit on the thin thermal compound layer. Here I have to say that you will have to apply this thin layer yourselves because the pre-applied 1-mm thick layer of thermal compound may only suit the needs of commencing overclockers. Running ahead I have to mention that we removed the original thermal compound and used Arctic Silver 5 thermal interface.

Now that the water block has been successfully installed, we have to fasten the fan with a few screws and attach the whole system to the case rear panel. As you understand, the back panel should have a spot for a 120 x 120 x 25mm fan, otherwise, you will not be able to properly install CoolIT PURE into your case without some additional work and home-made adapters.

The installed liquid-cooling system looks like this inside a system case:

Now we have to connect the power supply cable with a Molex plug to the corresponding connector on the CoolIT PURE unit and plug the three-pin fan cable into the corresponding connector on the mainboard. The system is ready to rock. The whole installation procedure didn’t take more than 10 minutes (even if the mainboard is removed from the system case). In conclusion I would like to add that CoolIT logo on the aluminum system panel glows light-blue when the system is running.

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