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The CPU coolers from CoolJag have made a highly positive impression on me. These efficient, quiet and rather compact coolers are sure to find their place on the market and in PC enthusiasts’ system cases. The pricing is important too as there is a lot of worthy competitors in this market sector. It’s hard to point out any defects or drawbacks in these coolers. They don’t support Socket 478 and Socket A, but this is normal nowadays. There are problems with the PWM regulator and thermal sensor, yet they are not critical because a super-cooler must be quiet and the Falcon 92 coolers wouldn’t be such at the maximum speed of 2500rpm. The auxiliary heatsink above the pipes isn’t designed well, which is a single drawback I can find, but I think an overclocker can easily transform this heatsink from decorative into a functional element.

So, I’m looking forward to seeing more CoolJag solutions in the market soon and, hopefully, new and even better products. I’d be interested to see a Falcon 120-Cu, for example. And for all the folks at CoolJag – please, replace the thermal grease you put into your cooler kits! :)

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