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We have tested more than a dozen of compact liquid-cooling systems already, and these reviews may have created a certain stereotype that cooling systems like that can never be better than a high-end air cooler. I have to admit that we had every reason to think so, because mass production liquid-cooling products have always been defeated in our tests by super-coolers and very rarely could actually compete against the latter in acoustics or price. Despite that, the manufacturers continue to improve their liquid-cooling products, especially since there is much more room for modifications than in the air-cooling segment, which has almost completely exhausted its potential by now. Trying to destroy the settled stereotype, CoolIt Systems introduced new Vantage A.L.C. and ECO C240 A.L.C. models, and Corsair rolled out their new Hydro H70 system, which represents further development of the H50 model.

So, today we are going to talk about Corsair H70 liquid-cooling system, its features and functionality.

Package and Accessories

Corsair H70 is made in China and is shipped in a pretty large cardboard box with a picture of a water block with the pump on a mainboard on the front and the detailed description of its key features on the back:


The system specifications are listed on one of the sides in six different languages:

Inside the box, you find a multi-sectional insert with pockets for the cooling system, fans and accessories. Among the bundled items are two retention plates, two backplates, bushes with screws and washers, fan power adapters and sticky strips:

Besides, there are four instruction sheets from Corsair H50 system and a couple of instruction sheets for Corsair H70 alongside with some promotional booklets:

Don’t be surprised that there is no thermal paste included with the system: it is pre-applied onto the water block base. The MSRP of the Corsair H70 system is set at $89.25, which is only $9.25 more expensive than the previous H50 model. The warranty remained the same: 2 years.

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