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It is not secret to anyone that the technologies currently employed in contemporary processor cooling systems have already exhausted themselves. It doesn’t make sense to increase the number of heatpipes because even five heatpipes 6 mm in diameter cover an area bigger than the heat-spreader of any LGA1366 processor. 8 mm heatpipes also do not provide any significant boost in cooling efficiency. The heatsinks cannot be made any bigger, because the space inside the system case is limited. Some contemporary super-coolers can accommodate three 120 mm or even 140 mm fans, and most heatsinks are designed to fit two fans. I doubt there is any need for more…

However, theoretically, it is still possible to create an ideal processor cooler that would combine all the advantages of the cooling solutions from world famous makers. But even in this case we won’t get any serious efficiency improvement from Noctua NH-D14, for example. Therefore, any new technology employed in cooler making arouses genuine interest among reviewers and users, intrigues and gives hope for the long-awaited break-through.

A Company from Denmark called Danamics introduced one such technology in their CPU coolers. I am talking about Danamics LMX cooler with liquid metal. To be more exact, about its third revision called Danamics LMX Superleggera, which we are going to discuss in our today’s review. I have to say that the very first modification called Danamics LM10 that appeared in the end of 2008 and which we failed to obtain for review, demonstrated pretty mediocre efficiency in tests (according to available reviews), but sold at an outrageously high price of 350 Euro! With the introduction of their LMX modification, Danamics managed to lower the recommended retail price to 159 Euro and also improve the cooling efficiency quite substantially. And the third cooler revision with liquid metal that we received for review, aka Superleggera, costs somewhere between 109 and 129 Euro and boasts a number of optimizations that are claimed to make the cooler even better. Well, let’s check it out.

Package and Accessories

The box with the new cooler is designed in a surprisingly simple way. It consists of one two-section box and another flat box for Power Booster 2 device that are inserted into a slide-on plastic casing:


Besides the name of the cooler and the control module, the boxes are blank: there is no photo, no specification, no list of compatible platforms - no info of any kind anywhere on them.

Besides the cooler, this big box contains accessories, user manual and even a CD disk with an electronic version of the manual:


The retention kit for each type of platform is sealed into an individual plastic bag with the corresponding notes on it, which is very convenient during the assembly. The cooler is bundled with a small tube of thick gray Danamics thermal paste. We are going to dwell on these retention kits later in the chapter devoted to cooler installation. Here we would only like to add that Danamics LMX Superleggera is made in Denmark and comes with a two-year warranty.

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