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Compatibility and Installation

Deepcool Assassin is compatible with all contemporary platforms including Intel LGA 2011 and AMD FM1. The installation procedure for each of the supported platforms is described in detail in the following manual. As for us, we are going to discuss it in respect to our LGA 2011 testbed.

In fact, there is not much to discuss here, because the entire installation process can be performed in three easy steps. First, we insert plastic bushes into the socket retention holes, and then use metal screws to secure steel retention rails in place:

After that we apply a thin layer of thermal paste onto the CPU heat-spreader and install the cooler onto the CPU. We tighten the spring-screws over a retention bracket that holds the cooler in place:

This plate has two notches, which prevent the cooler from rotating or shifting on the CPU. The retention ensures very high-pressure hold with a 50 mm clearance between the mainboard PCB and the lowest heatsink fin, which indicates that we could easily fit memory modules with tall heat-spreaders beneath the Assassin heatsink:


However, you may face some problems when attempting to attach the 120 mm fan, because if you try to position it right in the center of the heatsink, its lower side will touch the memory module heat-spreaders:

Note that our particular memory modules, Mushkin Redline, have far not the tallest heat-spreaders. That could be another reason why Deepcool decided not to equip their Assassin cooler with two identical 140 mm fans, even though it could be as more logical step towards achieving maximum efficiency. By the way, we found very long lists of mainboards compatible with Assassin/K2 coolers on Alpenfoehn’s official web-site based on Intel and AMD chipsets, as well as a compatibility list for memory modules.

This is what Deepcool Assassin looks like inside the Intel Siler DX79SI based system:

Very massive, don’t you think so? Hopefully its performance will justify large size and heavy weight…

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