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About a year ago Deepcool Industries released a GPU cooler which was bloodthirstily called Dracula.

That model was a success, delivering very high performance and being compatible with a large number of graphics cards. But as AMD and Nvidia released new GPUs, the Dracula was found unsuitable for some of them. Particularly, the lowered position of the die of the Tahiti GPU called for certain modifications in the cooler’s base. Deepcool has responded to this by releasing the second revision of the Dracula. We’ll check out its features and performance in this review.

Technical Specifications and Recommended Pricing


Packaging and Accessories

The cooler is shipped in a small black cardboard box with a minimum of information on its sides:

The designer of this packaging must have tried to imply certain connections with dark forces in general and with the famous vampire from Wallachia in particular.

Besides the main heatsink, the box contains the following:

  • 18 tall aluminum heatsinks for graphics memory chips;
  • 9 low aluminum heatsinks for graphics memory chips;
  • 6 narrow aluminum heatsinks for VRM components;
  • Thermal glue for the heatsinks;
  • Steel back-plate with an insulating pad;
  • Screws, nuts, spacers and a wrench for them;
  • Deepcool thermal paste;
  • Mounting bracket and stiffening plate for the back panel of the system case;
  • L-bar for fastening the fan frame;
  • Heatsink for power components;
  • Installation guide;
  • Two fan faceplates;
  • Deepcool sticker;
  • Fan frame.

The Deepcool Dracula is shipped without fans. The following picture can help you identify each of the items included into the product box.

The cooler is manufactured in China. Its original version was priced at $55 but the recommended price of the updated Dracula is as high as $75, although there are no substantial changes in its design or accessories. The warranty period is 2 years.

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