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The following diagram shows how efficient the tested cooling systems are:

It is clear that the Deepcool Dracula is a highly efficient solution but using two 92mm fans with more focused air flow is no better in terms of efficiency than two 120mm fans. The Dracula is as good as the Arctic Accelero Xtreme 7970 and better than the MSI Twin Frozr IV in terms of GPU temperature. As for the temperature of the power components, it is inferior to the MSI but better than the Arctic. The difference from the other solutions isn’t large, though. The most important thing is that the Dracula can cope with a well-overclocked Radeon HD 7970 even at the minimum speed of the fans and irrespective of what fans you use (two 92mm fans at 1000 RPM or two 120mm fans at 800 RPM).

As for the noise factor, the Dracula comes without fans, so it is not quite correct to compare it with the Arctic or MSI in this respect. The user himself can choose suitable fans and install them using the universal fastener. The Deepcool UF series fans we used in our test are rather quiet but expensive, so you may want to prefer something cheaper, especially as the Dracula itself isn’t cheap. The free choice of fans and the easy way of replacing them are an indisputable advantage of the Dracula.


The arrival of the new generation of AMD-based graphics cards with higher clock rates and increased heat dissipation does not pose any problem for the new revision of the Deepcool Dracula cooler. It can still deliver devilishly high performance and can cope with overclocked top-end graphics cards at the minimum speed of its fans. In fact, we can only find two things about the new Dracula that we wish were different. It is quite expensive ($75 for a heatsink without any fans) and it blocks three adjacent expansion slots on the mainboard. It’s up to you to decide whether these are really serious issues for your specific case. Otherwise, the Dracula is a highly efficient cooler which is easy to install and has a reliable fastening mechanism.

How could it be improved further in the next revision? Well, we guess a better finish of the base would be appropriate for open-die GPUs. Wire brackets for installing fans right onto the heatsink, like in the V6000 model for example, could also come in very handy.

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