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Compatibility and Installation

Like many other contemporary coolers, Deepcool FROSTWIN is universal and can be installed onto any existing platform from Intel or AMD. You can download the detailed step-by-step manual from the official company web-site, but I have to say there are no serious differences between installation procedures for different platforms.

The cooler can be installed onto any processor in three steps. AMD CPUs require universal backplate with spindles, steel mounts and a retention bracket with spring-screws:

In case of Intel LGA 775/1155/1156/1366 processors, the cooler is installed in exactly the same way, as on AMD CPUs, but uses a different pair of steel brackets:

The only difference typical of the LGA 2011 installation is the absence of a backplate and no need to remove the mainboard from the system case. The mounts can be inserted right into the socket retention holes with two brackets attached directly to them:

As we can see, any of the installation procedures is very easy and doable even for an inexperienced user, and screw-on retention ensures high pressure hold between the cooler base and the processor heat-spreader and provides high reliability. The clearance between the lowest heatsink fin and the mainboard PCB is 45 mm, but since the fans hang below the heatsink, the clearance between them and the PCB is only 33 mm. This could potentially cause conflicts with the memory module heat-spreaders, although we managed to avert it in our case:

Overall, Deepcool FROSTWIN looks very compact, even modest, inside the system case:

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