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ThermoLab Trinity

In the wake of its successful baram2010 cooler ThermoLab is presenting the Trinity. This cooler is shipped in a medium-sized flat cardboard box.

The packaging is quite informative, offering information not only about the cooler’s specs but also a design drawing with its dimensions, temperature graphs, frequently asked questions, etc.


The ThermoLab Trinity comes with the same accessories as the baram2010 except for the installation guide and a short resistor cable:

The cooler is manufactured in China and has a recommended price of $52-58.

The ThermoLab Trinity is a tower-design cooler measuring 150x136x85 millimeters. Its weight is 735 grams.



As opposed to the baram2010, the new Trinity comes with a fan. That’s not the only difference between the two products, though.

The dimensions of the cooler are shown in the next drawing:

The Trinity features four copper heat pipes with a diameter of 6 millimeters. There are 42 aluminum fins, 0.4 millimeters thick and 2 millimeters apart, press-fitted on the heat pipes. The heatsink surface totals 7050 sq. centimeters which is larger than that of the Deep Cool Ice Matrix 600 but smaller than the surface size of the best of air coolers. This is also smaller than the surface of the baram2010 heatsink by 1850 sq. centimeters.


ThermoLab calls the Trinity a harmonized and balancedcooler.The company’s engineers suggest that it represents an optimal mix of cooling performance and noise level. There are a number of factors contributing to this: the heat pipes are positioned in the heatsink body in a nonlinear way. The fins have an optimized profile on the side where air comes into the heatsink. The fan is large and fast. And there is also direct-touch technology here. Yes, ThermoLab has begun to produce direct-touch coolers, too!

The cooler’s fins are covered with decorative plates from top and bottom.


The top decorative plate bears the name of the manufacturing company as well as the name of the cooler.

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