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Today there are quite a few options to choose from when it comes to high-end mainstream ATI/AMD graphics cards. There are about a dozen products that would be a great alternative for a reference cooler of your Radeon HD 5850 or HD 5870. At the same time, for the just as popular graphics cards from a lower-end segment, such as Radeon HD 5770 or HD 5750, there are barely any alternative coolers available and the ones that are out there offer mediocre efficiency at a pretty high level of noise. And the reason for that is a compact size of the HD 5770 and HD 5750 PCB, which cannot accommodate heatsinks of large size with big heat-dissipating surface. Another aggravating factor is the location of the graphics processor, which is very close to the DVI-out box (there are only 34 mm to the retention hole). So, the users either have to put up with low cooling efficiency and high noise of the reference graphics card coolers, or stick to solutions like Zalman V950 LED, for example.

However, we managed to find a VGA cooler that was not just compatible with Radeon HD 5770 and HD 5750, but also delivered great cooling efficiency at a very low level of noise. Moreover, … . Well, let’s not get too far ahead just yet and start from the very beginning. Please allow me to introduce Deep Cool V4000! I have to say right away that this cooler is not a newcomer, because it has been in the market for about 1.5 years already and was initially developed for Radeon HD 4xxx graphics cards and their corresponding competitors based on Nvidia GPUs. However, it turned out perfectly fit for the Radeon HD 57xx series as well.

Package and Accessories

Deep Cool V4000 comes in a glossy clear plastic blister with a cardboard insert inside:


The package reveals the fans, the cooler base and part of the heatsink. The cardboard insert has all specification of the cooler listed in nine different languages.

Deep Cool V4000 ships with a little tube of thermal paste, retention kit, eight aluminum heatsinks and an installation guide:

The cooler is made in China and is selling at $25. You can also find an aluminum modification with two heatpipes called Deep Cool V2000 with a recommended retail price of only $17-$19.

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