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Design and Functionality

Deep Cool V4000 has a classical VGA cooler design: copper base, four copper heatpipes 6 mm in diameter coming out of the base and holding heatsink fin arrays. The entire structure is topped with a pair of fans:


Everything is very simple and at the same time quite efficient, because the airflow from the fans cools not only the heatsink and heatpipes, but also the PCB with its electronic components.

The cooler is comparatively compact in size and measures only 177 x 109 x 52.5 mm. It weighs 466 grams. I have to say that it is pretty significant weight for a graphics card, but you can’t expect a solid copper heatsink to be lightweight really. The top of the fan plastic frame is decorated with the manufacturer name:


The frame, which catches on to the sides of the heatsink, as well as the fans installed into it are painted glossy black color:

The heatsink consists of 28 copper fins, each 0.3 mm thick, which are spaced out at 2.5 -2.7 mm from one another:

We didn’t find any traces of soldering in the contact spots between the heatpipes and the heatsink fins, so the fins are most likely simply pressed firmly against the heatpipes. However, the parts of the heatpipes lying inside special grooves in the copper base plates are soldered securely to the plate. The thinnest part of the base beneath the heatpipes measures 1.1 mm. The heat-spreader covered with protective film measures 40x32 mm:

The base is exceptionally even and ideally finished. It can serve as an example to many other cooler makers:

The frame attached to the heatsink holds two nine-blade fans 80x122 mm large:

They rotate with a constant speed of 2500 (±10%) RPM, generate 22.5 dBA of noise and create a combined airflow of 40.64 CFM. We don’t know the MTBF of their fluid dynamic bearing, though. The fans can be connected to the three-pin mainboard connector or to a free PATA connector of the system PSU:

This is, probably, the only drawback I found with the Deep Cool V4000, because ideally we wish we had a three- or four-pin adapter that would allow connecting the cooler directly to the graphics card and adjusting its rotation speed automatically. Finally, they could have included a rotation speed variator unit as well, but for some reason they chose not to do it.

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