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Compatibility and Installation Tips

Deep Cool V4000 is compatible with many different video cards. And since the list if pretty extensive, we will not enumerate all of them here, but will simply say that it can be installed on any graphics card with the diagonal distance between the two retention holes equal to 43, 53, 55 or 80 mm. as for our today’s test session, we will install Deep Cool V4000 onto a reference ATI Radeon HD 5770:

First of all we have to remove the reference graphics card cooler by undoing four screws around the perimeter of the GPU retention:

Note that we didn’t have to remove the heatsink from the video memory chips, because it didn’t interfere with our cooler in any way.

Then things get even easier: we insert threaded mounts into the cooler retention holes and pit rubber rings on top of them. After that we apply a layer of thermal paste onto the GPU heat-spreader and place the graphics card on top of the cooler sitting on the desk:


The last thing we have to do is tighten the spring-screws with enclosed plastic washers at the bottom of the PCB. The entire installation took no more than 10 minutes including the removal of the reference Radeon HD 5770 cooler and cleaning the thermal paste off the GPU surface. Here you go:

I would like to draw your attention to the fact that Deep Cool V4000 is so short that it doesn’t even go beyond the short PCB of our Radeon HD 5770. At the same time, when the graphics card with Deep Cool V4000 on it is installed into the system case, it will inevitably block two PCI-E slots located next to the graphics card:

Besides, in order to ensure that there is proper airflow coming towards the cooler fans, it would be better not to install any large components into the third PCI-E slot. I have to stress that cooling systems like Deep Cool V4000 remove only part of the warm air outside the system case, leaving most of it inside. Although we can’t really say that it is a significant issue for our Radeon HD 5770, because this graphics card doesn’t really run hot (even during overclocking).

The last thing I want to add is that Deep Cool V4000 has blue LEDs, which look beautiful in the dark:

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