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Design and Functionality

Let’s take a closer look at Deepcool V6000:


The cooler measures 208x110.5x63.5 mm, and the heatsink itself (without the fans) is 12.5 mm narrower and 26 mm thinner:

The new cooler is supposed to weigh 759 g, but our particular unit with the retentions and fans weighed no more than 655 g, and the heatsink itself – 434 g. I have to say that it isn’t that much for a large cooler like V6000.

The design of Deepcool V6000 cooler is fairly simple. It consists of a copper base, six copper heatpipes and aluminum heatsink fin array pierced by the heatpipes:


Besides, there is a small flat heatsink right above the base, which should help remove the heat from the upper part of the heatpipes. The entire heatsink is nickel-plated.

Heatsink fins are 0.35 – 4.0 mm thick and the gaps between them do not exceed 2 mm. the arrays consists of 85 fins, each 98x18 mm, which adds up to a total effective cooling surface of about 2820 cm2. Note that the last fin serves purely decorative purposes and doesn’t touch the heatpipes at all:


The heatpipes are soldered to the base plate and the heatsink fins, which is the best and most effective way of working the contact spots in cooling heatsinks. The fin edges are of variable height with a slight incline in opposite directions. It must have been made this way to ensure lower airflow resistance and lower noise.

The copper nickel-plated heat-spreader plate is 42x40 mm big. The heatpipes are all in special grooves at a 1 mm distance from one another, with the thinnest part of the base plate being 2 mm. The base finish quality, unfortunately, leaves much to be desired:

At the same time, the contact surface is exceptionally even, which is, in fact, more important, than an eye-catching mirror-shine.

V6000 is equipped with two seven-blade Deepcool UF92 fans measuring 94x94x26 mm. They have special anti-vibration coating:

We already reviewed the top fan models from the same family – Deepcool UF140 and UF120 – and we can admit that both these fans produced acoustically pleasant background noise. UF92 fans rotate at 1800 RPM, which is quite high for quiet mode of any fan of a similar size. Unfortunately, there are no rotation speed controllers or variators bundled with the cooler and this particular fan model doesn’t support PWM-adjustment. However, it has a Y-splitter that allows connecting both fans to the same three-pin mainboard connector. The fans should create a combined airflow of 66 CFM, their noise shouldn’t exceed 24.6 dBA and their power consumption – 2 W.

According to the manufacturer, the fans fluid dynamic bearings should last at least 50,000 hours or 5.7 years of non-stop operation. In other words, the bearing should outlive two-three graphics card generations. The only question is if this Deepcool cooler will actually be compatible with all the new graphics cards. At this time we can state with all certainty that the new cooler is compatible with the majority of contemporary and many old graphics accelerators. So, let’s move on to compatibility and installation.

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