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A small Slovenian EKWB Company has been designing and manufacturing liquid-cooling components for PCs for thirteen years now. Over this period of time their product range grew from a few simple water blocks to the broadest assortment of parts for almost anything in this field. I would like to specifically stress that besides the primary products like huge radiators or flagship water blocks, EKWB pays special attention to every little screw in the direct and indirect meaning of this word. Moreover, they are very up-to-date and offer full-cover water blocks for contemporary graphics accelerators, which is a pretty challenging task, because they change even faster than CPUs and have different PCB layouts and designs.

The company is particularly proud of their complete liquid-cooling kits, which consist of carefully selected components. The prices of these kits depend on the components inside and vary between € 160 and € 270, but each kit contains everything you might need to build a highly efficient liquid-cooling system of superb quality. We received the most expensive flagship EK-Supremacy KIT H3O HFX for review. Let’s take a closer look at this product and check out how good it actually is.

Packaging and Accessories

EK-Supremacy KIT H3O HFX liquid-cooling system comes in a compact case-like packaging with a convenient plastic carry-handle:


The packaging is not really sophisticated in terms of design or the amount of additional information about the product printed on it. There is the model name, brief description of its key features and the list of compatible platforms printed on the orange and gray colored box. No flying dragons, frozen processors or futuristic girls – everything is very serious.

Inside the large box you can find all items and additional components in individual packaging:

Once you take everything out, it is really surprising how that much stuff could actually fit into a small box like this. Take a look what we found inside:

Here you can find a large radiator, three 120 mm fans, individual boxes with the pump, water block and expansion tank, a retention kit for the pump and a bunch of other accessories.

Among the “other” accessories we should mention a 2-meter long TUBE Masterkleer tubing with 10 mm internal diameter and 13 mm external diameter, eight EK-PSC nickel-plated compression fittings and a 100 ml bottle of the coolant concentrate:

The kit is made in Slovenia (some individual components are made in China) and its recommended retail price is set at € 270. It comes with a 5-year warranty.

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