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EK-Supremacy Water Block

As we have just seen, EK-Supremacy KIT H3O HFX kit has everything necessary to quickly dissipate the heat. Now let’s find out what they use to take the heat off the CPU. This function is performed by an EK-Supremacy water block that comes in an individual box:

It is bundled with four retention plates, two jet plates, a set of mounts, screws and springs, highly-efficient GELID GC-Xtreme thermal paste and an assembly and installation manual:

The water block looks simple but stylish: the semi-transparent acrylic top cover is decorated with nine embossed circles with the manufacturer logo sticker in one of them:


The base is covered with a paper sticker protecting it from accidental scratches and other damages. The base surface finish quality is excellent:

The hexagon L-shaped wrench included with the water block will allow you to take it apart completely:

Besides two silicone seals the water block consists of a copper base, a steel anodized jet plate and the above described acrylic top cover. The latter has very interesting internal configuration, where you can adjust the height of the central intake part:

You install one of the jet plates between the copper base and the top cover with an additional ring seal. The jet plates are all of different thickness. The default one already installed into the water block is the 0.8 mm thick J1 plate, which is considered to be universal. However, it is recommended to replace it with a 1.0 mm thick J2 jet plate for LGA 1155/1156 processors. The LGA 2011 processors should be used with the thinnest 0.7 mm J3 jet plate for the best cooling results:

This way EKWB engineers can control the height, at which the coolant is pushed into the water block and the coolant concentration volume upon entering the internal water block channels.

The water block base has micro-channel internal structure designed in the best traditions of liquid-cooling systems:

The 54 micro-channels in the water block base are of highest quality and precision.

I would also like to add that the contact surface of the water block base is exceptionally even, and the only reason why the thermal paste imprint is not perfect is the prominent heat-spreader of our test CPU:

EK-Supremacy water block can also be purchased separately for € 59.85.

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