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Acoustic Performance

We measured the noise level of our coolers throughout the entire speed range of their fans, as described in the chapter on testing methodology. Here are the results:

EK-Supremacy KIT H3O HFX has not only completely defeated Phanteks PH-TC14PE in cooling efficiency, but has also left it far behind in noise tests. This liquid-cooling system can be considered acoustically comfortable at up to 950 RPM speed of its fans, and quiet at up to 750 RPM. We have already said that EK-Supremacy KIT H3O HFX is exceptionally efficient at 600 RPM fan speed, which is barely audible at all. As for the pump noise, it would be incorrect to try and estimate it in our particular case, because we installed it temporarily and didn’t use the anti-vibration mounting kit. Nevertheless, even in this situation you could barely hear the pump at all.


Reviewers usually try to remain reserved and objective and prefer not to express any emotions or personal preferences towards the reviewed products. However, we are going to make an exception with the EK-Supremacy KIT H3O HFX system. It is a remarkable, excellent liquid-cooling product with the highest possible efficiency and very low level of noise! Once we checked out this system, familiarized ourselves with all its components and ran all the tests, we not just liked it, but fell in love with it in a way that only a true overclocker will understand. Moreover, the high price of this system becomes not even secondary, but the last thing you will consider after efficiency, noise, versatility, simple assembly and reliability topped with a five-year warranty.

Although almost everything included into the EK-Supremacy KIT H3O HFX system has been well thought-through, we would recommend EKWB to add such nice bonuses as manual or PWM adjustment of the fan rotation speed, a single fan cable, and a retention kit for the radiator could be attached to the system case. They could also give some thought to the possibility of making the pump power/noise adjustable, but this isn’t a critical thing at all. Everything else is impeccable and EK-Supremacy KIT H3O HFX system definitely deserves our Editor’s Choice title. If you are ready to invest € 270 into the best liquid-cooling system possible, then EK-Supremacy KIT H3O HFX is undoubtedly the one and only right choice.

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