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Compatibility, Installation and Cooling Efficiency Tests

Enermax ETD-T60-TB is compatible with all contemporary platforms except for the recently launched LGA 2011. The installation is described in detail in a multi-lingual guide that can be downloaded from the official web-site. The first thing you have to do before installing the cooler onto any of the supported platforms is to fasten the plastic bushes and threaded mounts in the ends of the corresponding retention brackets:

After that these brackets are screwed on to the base of the cooler:



Next you apply thermal paste, install the cooler on top of the processor and tighten the screw-nuts on top of the universal backplate on the back of the mainboard PCB:



It is much more convenient to set the mainboard on top of the cooler, and not the usual way.

The installation guide points out one certain position as the correct one: the heatpipes must be positioned perpendicular to the memory DIMM slots, i.e. be horizontal:

The cooler could be easily installed this way onto a Socket AM3 mainboard:


It also fit just fine onto an LGA 1366 mainboard:


Although in this case the possibility of installing the cooler as recommended will depend on the location of the processor socket on the mainboard.

That’s all: Enermax ETD-T60-TB has been successfully assembled and installed:

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