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The graph below shows the acoustic performance of our today’s testing participants:

Taking into consideration the overall difference in noise from the Thermalright TY-140 fan, we can’t help mentioning that Enermax ETD-T60-TB is equipped with a pretty high-quality fan, which remains acoustically comfortable up to 1050 RPM and really quiet up to 900 RPM. The fan doesn’t rattle or vibrate in the entire rotation speed range. The impeller is very well-balanced, and the unique Twister bearing works practically completely silently.


Despite two failures on an Intel platform, which are most probably caused by the severely imperfect surface of our test CPU and insufficient pressure hold of the cooler retention, Enermax ETD-T60-TB made a pretty good impression on us (as a top-cooler, of course).Namely, on a platform with an eight-core AMD CPU this product didn't fall too far behind the tower cooler boasting one of the best price-to-performance combinations today. At the same time, ETD-T60-TB is compact (very short) and lightweight (540 g). Quality Enermax T.B.SILENCE fan with long MTBF and PWM support as well as universal retention are two indisputable advantages of the new Enermax product. However, its price of $49.99 and serious dependence of its cooling efficiency on the system case are its definite drawbacks. However, the latter is typical of all top-coolers, so it is not a unique shortcoming of the new Enermax ETD-T60-TB.

P.S.: And those who love LEDs will be pleased to know that Enermax also offers a top-cooler modification with an LED fan – ETD-T60-VD.

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