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Compatibility and Installation

Like many new coolers from this price range, Enermax ETS-T40-VD is compatible with all contemporary platforms. Nevertheless, I can’t help mentioning that it doesn’t yet support LGA 2011 platform. The installation procedure is described in detail in a multi-lingual manual available for download on the official web-site.

To install the cooler on any of the platforms you will have to use the universal backplate with retention holes for any type of the processor socket:

It is made of steel and is double-sided, but the insulation padding is also available on both sides, so you don’t need to worry about interfering with any of the electronic components on the back of the mainboard PCB:

The installation procedure is the same for Intel and AMD processors:

I would only like to add that it is easier to install the heatsink alone and then attach the fan(s) to it.

First of all we insert the threaded mounts through the insulated washers into the backplate installed on the back side of the mainboard PCB. After that we place the steel panels on the mounts accordingly:


The next step is to apply a thin and even layer of thermal paste onto the processor heat-spreader and after that install the cooler and fasten it in place with a retention bracket and two screw-nuts using a screw-driver or a wrench:

This retention provides very strong hold and the whole thing even bends a little. However, the mainboard PCB doesn’t deform due to the backplate that does its job perfectly.

The last thing to do is to attach the fan to the heatsink with two wire clips. Just make sure you get the airflow direction right:

That’s it. Enermax ETS-T40-VD is ready to fire up:

In conclusion I would like to add that the distance from the lower heatsink fin to the mainboard PCB is 45 mm and the fan is hanging another 5 mm lower. The cooler doesn’t block the DIMM slot closest to the processor socket.

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