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The Taiwanese Evercool Thermal Co., Ltd. has been in the cooling components business for almost 20 years. They have established themselves as a manufacturer of affordable cooling components including fans for many reference coolers out there and focus on the entry-level market. Over the past years the company has had quite a few products, some quite weak and some pretty decent, but we couldn’t recall even one that would proudly bear the title of a super-cooler.

The new unusually low-priced Evercool product, Silent Shark, will attempt to change this situation. This cooler boasts at least one unique peculiarity, which makes it a very interesting and intriguing product to review. But, let’s starts from the very beginning.

Technical Specifications and Recommended Pricing

Packaging and Accessories

Evercool Silent Shark comes in a pretty large box with a plastic carry handle and a clear plastic cut-out window in the front of the box, which reveals part of the heatsink with two fans:

The back and sides of the packaging are highly informative, although there was enough room there even for a couple of sharks with gills on the dorsal fin:


Inside the box we find a plastic casing holding the cooler. The box with accessories bundle is located at the bottom of that casing:

As we can see, there is everything necessary to successfully install the cooler, including the backplate, thermal paste with 5 W/(m*K) thermal conductivity and 0.007 ?C*in2/W thermal resistance, manual and adapters with resistors for lowering the fans rotation speeds.

The cooler is made in China and is priced at $75. It comes with a 2-year warranty.

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