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Compatibility and Installation Tips

Evercool Silent Shark is compatible with all contemporary platforms as well as LGA 775. The step-by-step installation instructions are provided in the manual (a PDF-file, 9.69 MB). We are going to talk about the [peculiarities of the Evercool Silent Shark installation using the LGA 2011 platform as an example. However, there is going to be nothing new here, as it is very similar to the installation procedure for other LGA 2011 coolers. First thing you do is put retention mounts into the bracket holes:


After that the steel rails are attached to these mounts. There are threaded studs in the middle of each rail:

The last but not the least is to apply a layer of thermal paste and set the cooler on top of the processor. It needs to be evenly pressed against the processor by tightening two spring screws in the cooler itself. Of course, it must be done with the plastic cover with the fans removed, otherwise, you won’t be able to reach the screws. In other words, you install the heatsink and then the fan module.

The clearance between the lowest heatsink fin and the mainboard PCB is 50 mm, but the fans hang another 10 mm below the lower fin, so the exterior fan can theoretically conflict with the tall heat-spreaders on the memory modules, if you are using those:


At the same time it is important to remember that the heatsink may be raised 30 degrees higher, so that its airflow is directed towards the memory modules and voltage regulator heatsinks. In this case it will not obstruct the cooler installation in any way.

Evercool Silent Shark cooler looks quite massive inside the system case due to decorative plastic top:

Although, as you have seen above, the heatsink itself is not that enormous.

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