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We measured the noise level of our coolers throughout the entire speed range of their fans, as described in the chapter on testing methodology. Here are the results:

As we can see, Evercool Silent Shark has an advantage at the same fan rotation speeds. In fact, this isn’t surprising, because it uses 120x25 mm fans vs 140 mm fans on Phanteks cooler. Silent Shark remains acoustically comfortable up to 1030 RPM, while Phanteks PH-TC14PE has to drop the fan speed to 700 RPM to stay within the acoustic comfort zone. The maximum level of noise from Phanteks cooler is 47.7 dBA at almost 1300 RPM, while Evercool reaches the same level of generated noise at 1850 RPM. In other words, taking into consideration the previously obtained results of the cooling efficiency tests for these two coolers, we can conclude that they are practically equal. And we should give Silent Shark and Evercool in general due credit: this is a truly unprecedented accomplishment.


The new Evercool Silent Shark cooler amazed us with its remarkable cooling efficiency. Even though it is a little bit behind the best of the best (in terms of maximum processor overclocking), we have to admit that this Evercool product turned out a great success. In our opinion, the potential of this cooler hasn’t been exhausted yet, because all they really have to do is give up the plastic cap, use traditional wire clips to attach two high-quality 140 mm fans with synchronous PWM support in the 600-1600 RPM range, and make a few technologically simple optimizations to the fins in order to lower airflow resistance. After that Silent Shark from Evercool will take the well-deserved spot among the leaders in contemporary air cooling. However, even the way it is the new Evercool Silent Shark is very attractive due to its high efficiency and universal design, reliable retention, simple installation and ability to redirect airflow towards the electronic components around the processor socket.

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