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Installation Tips

It goes without saying that the EVGA Superclock and Swiftech Polaris 120 are both compatible with all modern computing platforms. This has become not just good manners for the manufacturers of CPU coolers but a kind of a rule that everyone follows, including IceHammer EVGA and Swiftech. The installation procedure is detailed in the manual and is no different from the way that many other coolers are installed. Here is a photo of the cooler’s fastening mechanism:


As I noted above, the most effective orientation of a direct-touch cooler on an LGA1336 CPU is with the heat pipes lying across the CPU's heat-spreader, so that the area of contact is larger. This applies to the EVGA Superclock and Swiftech Polaris 120 as well (the photos on the right show the better orientation):



The difference between the two orientation variants in the peak temperature of the hottest CPU core is 1.5 to 2°C. I should note that the picture can be different with LGA1155/1156 and LGA775 CPUs as well as with AMD processors. I didn't check this out during my tests.

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