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The second controller from Lamptron is called FC8 and its box is the same size and shape as the FC5V2’s one, but far more informative.


The package includes eight fan cables, mounting screws, a user manual and a Lamptron product catalogue.

The cable fans are 480 millimeters long.

The FC8 has the same 5.25-inch form-factor, so it is about as large as the FC5V2: 148.5 x 42.5 x 76 millimeters.

My sample of the FC8 has an anodized aluminum faceplate but this controller is also available in a silver-painted version. Unlike the previous model, the FC8 lacks a display but features as many as eight fan speed controls.

Every regulation channel has a 3-pin fan connector. The FC8, like the rest of the products included into this review, does not support PWM regulation.

Instead of one plastic PATA power connector, it has two thick and stiff cables that end in three such connectors. This is due to the high load capacity of the FC8 as it can deliver up to 30 watts across each of its channels. In other words, the controller can power up fans with a combined power draw of 240 watts! That's why the manufacturer recommends installing it into a computer with a 600-watt or better PSU. I wonder if any user will really need that much power for his fans.

The controller is fastened in a 5.25-inch bay with the included screws through the mounting holes in its side panels.

When a fan is connected, an indicator goes on above the respective control.

There are eight indicators, each of a different color. You can change the color by pressing on the leftmost and rightmost controls. The voltage adjustment range is 0 to 12 volts. The FC8 managed my fans without any problems during my express test.

Its recommended price is $59.99 (exactly as the previous product’s).

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