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I guess the Touch is the most interesting of the three Lamptron products. Its name and the photo on its box indicate that it's a touch-sensitive controller.


Besides the stuff you've seen included with the two previous Lamptron products, the accessories to the Touch include a soft napkin for cleaning its screen.

The dimensions, form-factor and design in general are almost the same as those of the two other Lamptron controllers. The only difference is the front panel:

There is a rather large (118 x 31.5 millimeters) display set into an anodized aluminum frame (Lamptron offers a silver-painted version of the Touch, too).

At the controller’s back there are six fan connectors, one PATA power connector and six connectors for temperature sensors. Each channel has a load capacity of 30 watts. The speed of each fan is regulated by changing its supply voltage from 0 to 12 volts.

The display is quite bright but its graphics is rather primitive.

There are only two display modes here: 1) indication of all the fans or 2) setting up an individual fan. Each fan can be set up automatically or manually. While it’s all clear with the manual regulation, I couldn’t make out how the automatic one was supposed to work. I guess the speed of each fan depends on data from a specific thermal sensor then. However, I didn’t notice Fan 1 accelerate after I had heated up Sensor 1. The product specs do not say a word about the automatic fan regulation.

The display reacts to your touch instantly but the fan speed is changed with a barely noticeable delay. Like the two previous products from Lamptron, the Touch worked with my four top-performance fans without any problems. The color of the display cannot be changed.

The Lamptron Touch has a recommended price of $69.99, which is $10 more expensive than the FC5V2 and FC8.

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