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Sentry LX

The Sentry LX is a more advanced and functional controller from NZXT. Even its box is thrice as large as the Sentry 2 one.


The accessories are the same, though, except for the battery.

This controller is going to occupy not one but two 5.25-inch bays. Its width and height are 148.5 and 85 millimeters, respectively. The thermal sensor cables are 620 millimeters long. The fan cables are 650 mm; the PATA power cable is 590 mm.

The front panel is made of anodized aluminum:

There are control buttons on the left:

The faceplate is 139 millimeters wide.

The Sentry LX can regulate five fans and use five sensors to monitor temperatures.

There are aluminum heatsinks on the fan control channels:

However, the load capacity of each channel is only 6 watts, which is the lowest level among all the controllers in this review. It should be sufficient for most 120 and 140mm fans, though. Unfortunately, the adjustment range is the same as with the NZXT Sentry 2: from 40% to 100%. It means you can’t really slow down your fans with this controller.

The display shows fan speed, temperature and date.

The Sentry LX can work in manual or automatic mode. It has an alarm that can be triggered on by an individual fan or temperature sensor.

This model costs $49.99 which is twice as high as the recommended price of the NZXT Sentry 2.

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