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Sentry LXE

The Sentry LXE seems to be the most interesting of the three NZXT products. It is the only external fan controller in this review.

The product box is large and eye-catching. There is a picture of the controller on its face side, key product features being indicated with icons.


You can find product specs in several languages on the back of the box.

The accessories include a long 8-pin cable, additional thermal sensors, a battery, screws and an installation guide.

The connecting cable is as long as 1950 millimeters, allowing you to place the controller anywhere you want.

The Sentry LXE looks original and quite attractive:

This gadget measures 165 x 60 x 110 millimeters at a weight of 407 grams.

There are two sticky silicone strips on the bottom panel for the Sentry LXE to be steady on any surface.

The controller’s case is made of anodized aluminum and has one 8-pin connector in its back.

So, you use the included long cable to connect the external module to the internal control card which is installed into your system case and has five fan control channels and five thermal sensor channels.


Each fan cable is of the 3-pin variety. PWM regulation isn’t supported. The card is powered via a single PATA power connector.

From a functional standpoint, the Sentry LXE is no different from the Sentry LX but supports a larger adjustment range: from 3.7 to 12.0 volts. Besides, the controller can deliver not 6 but 10 watts across each fan channel. The bright touch-sensitive display shows information about the speed of each fan, temperature, current date and operation mode (automatic or manual).

The display doesn't respond to a user's touch instantly, but that's not a problem. The sensors are polled at a rate of once each 2 seconds.

The recommended price of the Sentry LXE is $59.99. Its warranty period is 1 year.

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