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Compatibility and Installation

It is good that there are fewer CPU coolers limited to only one platform nowadays, and there are no such coolers at all in the top price segment the GELID Black Edition belongs to. Of course, the latter can be installed on any modern platform without any exceptions. The installation instructions can be downloaded from the official website. We’ll cover them quickly using our testbed with LGA2011 CPU.

The whole procedure takes four simple steps. First, you insert dual-sided threaded pins into the socket’s mounting holes.


Then you secure two steel guides on them.

On the third step you mount the heatsink on the guides.

Don’t forget to apply some thermal grease on the CPU beforehand. Finally, you only have to attach fans with wire brackets to the heatsink. The fans are connected to the mainboard with a Y-shaped splitter. That’s all.

The distance between the heatsink’s bottom and the mainboard is 50 millimeters but the fans are somewhat lower, reducing that number by 5 to 7 millimeters.


As you can see, the GELID Black Edition may conflict with memory modules with tall heatsinks installed in the nearest slots.

Here is how the new cooler looks inside our system case:

Now let’s test it.

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