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Noise Level

We measured the noise level of our coolers throughout the entire speed range of their fans. Here are the results:

The GELID Black Edition enjoys a huge advantage over its opponent in terms of noisiness. Even if we disregard the noisy default fans of the Phanteks, the latter is louder than the GELID with two quiet 140mm Corsair fans, too. The Phanteks remains comfortable only up to 700 RPM with the default fans and up to 960 RPM with the Corsair fans, but the two GELID fans are comfortable enough all the way up to 1140 RPM. Comparing the two fans the GELID Black Edition comes with, the outer 16mm fan is noisier although the standard 25mm fan installed between the two heatsink arrays might be expected to produce more noise. The Black Edition becomes quiet if its fans work at 980 RPM or lower, which is a good result, too. We didn’t hear any vibrations, rattle or anything from the fans of the GELID cooler during our tests.


The GELID Black Edition is a universal cooler which can be easily installed on any platform using reliable fasteners. It comes with high-quality fans that make it comfortable in terms of noisiness in a quiet computer at speeds up to 1140 RPM. The buyer also receives high-efficiency GC-Extreme thermal grease among the accessories.

However, the key parameter of any cooler – its cooling performance – isn’t impeccable. The Black Edition may compete with the best super-cooler at the maximum speed of its fans only. When the speed is lowered to a comfortable level, its performance degrades, making it uncompetitive among same-class products. The GELID Black Edition also didn’t do well in our overclockability test when we tried to reach the maximum frequency of our CPU. We had expected more from it in this respect.

That’s why we guess this product may be priced a little too high. For $75 you can find coolers that are more efficient than and as quiet as the Black Edition. The choice is yours, though.

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