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GELID Solutions Ltd. takes its time in designing and launching new cooling products. While other well-known companies launch about 2-3 new coolers every six months, GELID was for a while stuck with their pretty interesting Tranquillo cooler and just recently refreshed its revision by adding support of the new processor sockets. It could be that the company doesn’t have enough resources or is running out of new ideas and therefore can’t come up with another super-cooler just yet, or maybe GELID has been secretly focusing on a new super-cooler all this time getting ready to impress the users? In any case, two years after the launch of the first Tranquillo the company has finally introduced their new GELID GX-7 cooler. And judging by its recommended retail price of $70, we assume it is going to be pretty ambitious. Our today’s review will show if they prove justified or not.

Packaging and Accessories

The cooler comes in pretty standard packaging: a cardboard box of medium size with a plastic carry-handle:

At the same time it is highly informative. The cooler photo on the front of the box is accompanied with a description of its key features, list of supported platforms and technical specifications on the back and sides:


Inside the cardboard box there is a plastic casing with the heatsink and fan encapsulated inside. On top of them there is a small box with bundled accessories:

Among them we find everything necessary to successfully install GELID GX-7 onto any contemporary platform, a manual, four wire clips for attaching two fans and GELID GC-2 thermal paste. We were a little puzzled why they would include this thermal paste with the new cooler, because according to the information from the official company web-site, it has already been discontinued. And why wouldn’t they want to include the best GELID GC-EXTREME thermal paste with the top cooler? For some reason, they didn’t do it.

The new cooler is manufactured in China and comes with a three-year warranty. Its MZSRP is set at $70 or €45.

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